Authentication Mode in Client-side Execution

Since ALM 15.0, in client-side execution, ALM passes the token of the current session to testing tools for authentication by default. This “Token Sharing” mode makes the communication more secure.

Note: If your Site Admin sets the parameter "ENABLE_CSE_V1" to "N", the previous authentication mode, where ALM passes the current logged-in account's credentials to testings tools, is activated.

When ALM enables SSO, it uses either "Token Sharing" or "Approve ID" authentication mode in client-side execution. Contact your Site Admin to confirm which mode is used. If "Approve ID" mode is used (because your Site Admin sets the parameter "ENABLE_CSE_V1" to "N" in SSO environment), you should do the following to enable the mode before running Default tests.

To enable "Approve ID" mode:

  1. Download ALM WebGate Customization.
  2. Put it on the remote or local machine that has the testing tools installed.
  3. Ask your Site Admin to generate an API key, and to configure the authentication mode with the key and secret in WebGate Customization.

For details about WebGate Customization, see WebGate Customization.