Change your user properties

You can change your user properties, including full name, password, email address, phone number, and description.

To access
  1. In the common toolbar, click Tools and select Customize.

  2. In the Project Customization window, click the User Properties link.

Important information
  • Email information is important because it enables you to receive email notifications and alerts directly to your mailbox.

  • The site administrator can change and override a user's properties or password. For details, see Update user details and Set user properties.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element



Closes the Project Customization window, and returns to the ALM window.


Saves changes to your user properties.

Change Password

Opens the Change Password for [user name] dialog box, enabling you to change your login password.

Note: The maximum length of the password is twenty characters.

In SSO mode, you cannot change your password unless local authentication is enabled and your IdP ID is set to "local". For details, see Set up SSO authentication.

This field is not available for LDAP or external authentication users.

User Name

Your ALM login name.

Note: This field is read-only.

Full Name/

User details.


Determines the email address to which notifications and alerts are delivered.

Phone Number

Your phone number.


User status is displayed as Active. Only active users can log in to ALM projects.

Deactivation Date

The date on which the user is scheduled to be deactivated. A deactivated user cannot log in to an ALM project.

Note: This field is set by the site administrator and is read-only.