Insert images to memo fields

The Select Image dialog box enables you to add images to memo fields of ALM records. You can attach an image, a snapshot of your application, or items from the Clipboard.

To access

In the toolbar of a memo field of an entity that supports attachments, such as Description and Comments, click the Insert Image.

Important information

You can set an upload size limit for images in memo fields with the UPLOAD_MEMO_IMAGE_FILES_MAX_SIZE site parameter. For details, see Set configuration parameters.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Uploads a selected image to your ALM record.

Note: .ico and .tif image formats are not supported.

Snapshot. Opens the Snapshot dialog box, enabling you to add an image to an ALM record. You can capture a selected area, a selected window, or the entire screen.

Snapshot images are assigned a .png extension.

Clipboard. Attaches the Clipboard content to your ALM record.

Copy an image to the Clipboard and click the Clipboard button. An image is assigned a .png extension.

Image Size (%) Increase or decrease the image size.
Insert as Link Select this to make the image a link in your ALM record.

The image name.


The size of the image.

Note: Your site administrator can limit the image size.


The date that the image was last modified.


Shows the image.

If you select Insert as Link, the preview shows the link, not the image.