Live Analysis graphs

Live analysis enables you to create and display dynamic charts illustrating test subject data, test set folder data, and business component subject data.

Live Analysis graphs overview

Live Analysis enables you to create and display dynamic charts illustrating:

  • Test subject data in the Test Plan module.

  • Test set folder data in the Test Lab module.

  • Business component subject folders in the Business Components module.

In each module you can create up to two live analysis graphs.

You do not have to re-generate a Live Analysis graph to view data that has changed. In addition, the layout and settings of the graph are preserved for all the folders in the same module. This enables you to view the same graphical analysis of different folders without the need to redesign the graphs.

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Generate Live Analysis graphs

This task describes how to create and view auto-generated graphs for test subjects, test sets, and business components.

Before creating Live Analysis graphs

Consider the following before creating Live Analysis graphs:

  • The Live Analysis graphs that you create are unique for your user login. Each project user can create Live Analysis graphs which will be visible only to that user but will not be visible to other users.

  • Live Analysis graphs represent only nodes that are located directly below the selected folder. They do not include tests, test sets, or business components located at a lower hierarchical level in child folders of the selected folder.

  • The data displayed in the graph reflects the filters that you have set for the module.

To create and view Live Analysis graphs:

  1. Prerequisites:

    Test plan Live Analysis graphs Test subject folders are defined in the Test Plan module.
    Test lab Live Analysis graphs Test set folders are defined in the Test Lab module.
    Business component Live Analysis graphs Component subject folders are defined in the Business Components module.
  2. Create Live Analysis graphs.

    1. On the sidebar, under Testing, select Test Plan, Test Lab, or Business Components.

    2. Select a folder in the module tree.

    3. Click the Live Analysis tab.

    4. Click the Add Graph link in the pane in which you want to display a graph. Follow the wizard to design a live analysis graph.

      Step 1: Select Entity Type
      • Entity. Read-only. The ALM entity covered by the graph.

      • Graph Type.Select the type of graph that you want to display.

      Step 2: Select Graph Attributes
      • Group By field. The field by which tests or components are grouped in the graph.

        For progress graphs, you can select only fields for which history has been enabled. For details on enabling history for a field, see Customize project entities.

      • X-axis field. In summary graphs, the field whose values are displayed along the x-axis.

  3. View Live Analysis graphs.

    You can change the way a Live Analysis graph is displayed. This includes maximizing the graph to full-screen view, changing the graph appearance, and drilling down to the graph data.

    To view the graph in full screen

    Click the Live Anaysis tab > View Graph in Full Screen .

    To return to the normal view, click the Close button.

    To set the graph appearance

    Click the Live Anaysis tab > Set Graph Appearance .

    For details, see Set graph appearance.

    To delete the graph

    Click the Live Anaysis tab > Delete Graph

    Note: If you have two Live Analysis graphs displayed for a folder and you want to create a new graph, you must first delete one of the existing graphs.

    To drill down into the graph

    To further analyze your data, click a bar or segment in the graph. For details, see Drill down to graph data.

    To change the graph colors

    To display the chart categories and their corresponding colors, right-click a category to change its color. In the Color dialog box that opens, select the new color from one of the color palettes.

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