Pin items

You can pin a requirement, test plan, or defect to enable you to jump to that item quickly, no matter which module you are in. You can pin up to 10 items for a project.


Assume you are a program manager and want to monitor the implementation of a specific requirement. By pinning it, you can quickly access it from any module in ALM, without having to open the Requirements Module and search for it.

To pin an item:

Open the item and click the Pin/Unpin button.

When an item is pinned:

  • It appears in the Pinned Items panel.

  • The Pin/Unpin button in the toolbar appears "pressed" when the item is selected in the grid or tree view.

Note: A pinned item is specific to the username with which you logged on.

To view a pinned item:

Click Pinned Items on the right side of the ALM window. You can jump to an item by clicking the link to it.

To hide the Pinned Items panel, move your cursor away from the Pinned Items panel.

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