How to Link Defects

The following steps describe how to link defects to ALM entities (requirements, tests, test sets, test instances, runs, run steps and other defects).

For user interface details on the Linked Defects/Entities page, see the Linked Defects/Entities Page.

  1. Link the defect. From the module of the entity to which you want to link a defect, select the Linked Defects or Linked Entities page, and do one of the following:

    Add new defect Create the defect to which to link.
    Select existing defect Select an existing defect to which to link.

    Tip: From the Defects module, you can link defects and requirements to defects.

  2. View results. You can view the linked entity from the corresponding defect, and you can view the linked defect from the corresponding entity.

    In grid views, when an entity is linked to a defect, ALM adds the Linked Defects  icon to the entity.

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