Generate Test Configuration Dialog Box

After upgrading from a previous version of ALM, this dialog box enables you to create a test configuration from an existing test instance.

To access
  1. In the Test Lab module, select a test set and click the Execution Grid tab.

  2. In the grid, right-click a test instance and choose Generate Test Configuration.

Important information

ALM users generate test configurations once, after an upgrade from a previous version of Quality Center.

Caution: Only use this option for migrating tests. Do not use this option for new tests or tests that have already been migrated.

  • ALM: When generating a test configuration from a test instance, ALM performs the following actions:

    • Associates the test instance with the generated test configuration.

    • Associates the test instance's runs with the generated test configuration.

    • Associates the test instance's links (for example, tests, requirements) with the generated test configuration.

    • Sets the generated test configuration status to be the same as the status of the test instance.

    • Copies the parameter values of the test instance to the generated test configuration.

  • Business Process Testing: The Generate Test Configuration option is enabled only for business process test configuration instances that have been modified and no longer match the original configurations. (This option is not available for configurations that access dynamic data.)

Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


New Test Configuration Name

The name of the generated test configuration.