Select Automatch Load Generators/Edit Hosts Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to select automatch load generators for a Performance Test timeslot, or automatch hosts for Functional test Set or Build Verification Suite timeslots.

To access
  1. On the ALM sidebar, under Lab Resources, select Timeslots.

  2. On the toolbar, click the New Timeslot button.

  3. In the Requested Hosts grid, click Add Automatch LG (for Performance Test timeslots), or Add Automatch Hosts (for Functional Test Set or Build Verification Suite timeslots).

Important information

Specific load generators/hosts matching the automatch load generators'/hosts' properties are allocated in place of the automatch load generators/hosts.

Relevant tasks

Reserve timeslots for running tests

See also

Timeslot reservations overview

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


Reserve <xx> load generators/hosts...

The number of automatch load generators/hosts to reserve for the timeslot.

Note: Performance Testing timeslots: The total number of hosts (Controller + load generators) reserved for the timeslot may not exceed the LoadRunner Enterprise host and host pool limits of the project, as defined in the project's settings. For details, see View and edit Lab Management project settings.

Tip: To select multiple automatch load generators/hosts with the same properties, you can do one of the following:

  • In the Reserve <xx> box, enter 1, and select the relevant properties. Repeat this for the other automatch load generators/hosts. If you do this five times, for example, then five identical automatch load generators/hosts are displayed in the Requested Hosts grid.

  • In the Reserve <xx> box enter the number of automatch load generators/hosts you want to select with the same properties. For example, enter 5. One entry is displayed in the Requested Hosts grid, representing all five automatch load generators/hosts.

<Load Generator/Host Properties>

Enables you to specify properties for the requested automatch load generators/hosts:

  • Purpose. The purpose of the host, depending on the type of tests that are linked to the timeslot.

    Available from: Edit Hosts dialog box.

  • Location. The location of the load generators/hosts. To find a specific location, enter the value in the Find box, and click .

  • Host Attributes. Load generator/host attributes.

    The list of attributes can be customized. For details, see the LoadRunner Enterprise documentation.

Note: If no properties are specified, any available load generators/hosts are allocated.