This event is triggered before ALM changes a field value, to determine whether the field can be changed.

You can add code to this event procedure to prevent a field from being changed in specific cases. For example, see Example: Field Validation.


<entity>_FieldCanChange(FieldName, NewValue)

where FieldName is the name of the field and NewValue is the field value.




True or False


  • AnalysisItem_FieldCanChange

  • AnalysisItemFolder_FieldCanChange

  • Baseline_FieldCanChange

  • Bug_FieldCanChange

  • BusinessModel_FieldCanChange

  • BusinessModelActivity_FieldCanChange

  • BusinessModelFolder_FieldCanChange

  • BusinessModelPath_FieldCanChange

  • Component_FieldCanChange

  • ComponentFolder_FieldCanChange

  • ComponentStep_FieldCanChange

  • Cycle_FieldCanChange

  • DashboardFolder_FieldCanChange

  • DashboardPage_FieldCanChange

  • DesignStep_FieldCanChange

  • Library_FieldCanChange

  • LibraryFolder_FieldCanChange

  • Release_FieldCanChange

  • ReleaseFolder_FieldCanChange

  • Req_FieldCanChange

  • Resource_FieldCanChange

  • ResourceFolder_FieldCanChange

  • Run_FieldCanChange

  • Step_FieldCanChange

  • Test_FieldCanChange

  • TestConfiguration_FieldCanChange

  • TestFolder_FieldCanChange

  • TestSet_FieldCanChange

  • TestSetFolder_FieldCanChange

  • TestSetTests_FieldCanChange

The code for hiding a field that depends on another field should be placed in the FieldChange event procedure (not in the FieldCanChange event procedure).