Example: Adding Button Functionality

This example opens a calculator when a user clicks a button defined with action name Calculator. For details about adding user-defined buttons, see Add toolbar buttons.

Add the code to the ActionCanExecute event procedure, so that it is triggered when a user initiates an action.

For information about the Wscript.Shell object, refer to the Microsoft documentation. To access help for the VBScript language, choose Help > VBScript Home Page in the Script Editor.

Function ActionCanExecute(ActionName)
        ' Initialize the function's return value to 
	 ' avoid unpredictable behavior.
        ActionCanExecute = DefaultRes 
        On Error Resume Next
        If ActionName = "UserDefinedActions.Calculator" Then
            Set shell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
            shell.Run "Calc"
            Set shell = Nothing
        End If
        ActionCanExecute = DefaultRes
        PrintError "ActionCanExecute"
        On Error GoTo 0
End Function