Lists Object

You can use the Lists object to limit field input to a specific list of values.

For example, to set the list in the Planned Closing Version field, depending on the Project field value, you can use the following code:

If Bug_Fields.Field("BG_PROJECT").Value = "Project 1" Then
        Bug_Fields.Field("BG_PLANNED_CLOSING_VER").List _
        = Lists("All Projects")
       ' ...
End If

For details, see Example: Presenting a Dynamic Field List.

The Lists object can be used only with fields that are defined as the Lookup List type or the String type in Project Customization of project entities.

The Lists object has the following properties:








Accesses the ALM lists.

Note: When workflow customization has been used to change a list of values for a field that has transition rules defined, the field may only be modified in a way that satisfies both the workflow script and the transition rules.