Monitor asynchronous executions

Site Administration enables you to monitor the status of tasks that run asynchronously.


Site Administration allows you to asynchronously execute some tasks that normally take a long time to complete. When you execute a task asynchronously, you can leave the task without waiting for it to complete and move on to another task.

Site Administration supports running the following tasks asynchronously:

  • Create projects

  • Enable extensions for projects

  • Export projects

  • Verify projects

  • Repair projects

  • Upgrade projects

  • Convert projects to Unicode

  • Realign repositories

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Monitor task status

You can check the status of asynchronous executions and download the event logs of any executions.

Note: You can monitor only the asynchronous tasks that are performed by yourself.

To monitor asynchronous task status:

  1. From the Site Administration masthead, select the task status button .

  2. In the Task Status window, filter the table by status, execution type, or domain.

    You can also search for a task by project name.

    To clear the filter, click .

  3. Check the status of the task. It can be Success, Fail, or Processing.

    For each task, you can click the download button in the Action column to download the event log.

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