Set project update priorities

Before upgrading a minor-minor version, you can optionally set priorities to determine the order in which projects are upgraded.

Consider the following before you set project priorities:

  • Lab and template projects always have the highest priority. You cannot change the priority for these projects.

  • The changes affect the next minor-minor version upgrade. If a minor-minor upgrade is in progress, the changes affect only projects with the Pending Upgrade status.

  • After a minor-minor version is installed in the ALM server and the ALM server is restarted, projects are upgraded automatically according to the defined priorities.

To set project update priorities:

  1. From the Site Administration masthead, select Tools > Set Project Update Priorities.

  2. In the Project Update Prioritization window, find the project whose priority you want to set, and edit the Priority column.

    Priorities range from 1 (the highest priority) to 100 (the lowest priority).

    To reset project priorities to the default value 100, click Restore Default. This option does not affect the priority of Lab or Template projects.

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