Customize workflow

You can write workflow scripts to customize Web Client user interface and control the actions that users can perform. You can also write advanced project scripts to implement control on Web Client data before it is saved to the database.

Web Client supports two distinct types of workflow scripts, triggered in different stages of Web Client data and aimed for different operational aspects.

Workflow scripts Details
Project scripts

You write project scripts to automate routine tasks and customize how end users interact with Web Client, so as to align your organization's business needs with user's daily operations.

For example, if your organization requires defects, once submitted, should go though a specific process, you can use project scripts to dynamically change and restrict defect fields when users submit and edit defects.

For details, see Use project scripts to customize Web Client user interface.

Advanced project scripts

Advanced project scripts handle operations in the background, especially for complex operations that may be independent of regular user interactions. You write advanced project scripts to ensure your project users' permissions are tailored to the project's specific needs and behaviors are consistent among applications that use ALM REST API.

For details, see Write advanced project scripts.


  • When you customize workflows to make Web Client behaves in alignment with your organization's business needs, it is recommended that you always start with project scripts.

  • To customize workflows, you should have the Set up Workflow permission.