Install the ALM Microsoft Word add-in

This section describes how to install the Microsoft Word add-in.


Before you install the ALM Microsoft Word Add-in, make sure that Microsoft Word is installed on your machine.

For details about Microsoft Word support matrix, see Support Matrix.

Note: To install this add-in for all users, you must log in with administrator privileges. The Word Add-in setup package does not allow the current user to install the add-in if the administrator has already installed the add-in for all users.

To install the ALM Microsoft Word add-in:

  1. Close Microsoft Word.

  2. Uninstall any previous versions of the ALM Microsoft Word Add-in. To uninstall, choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and follow the instructions on your screen.

  3. Download the ALM Microsoft Word add-in from Marketplace. Follow the on-screen installation instructions.

    If you are using 32-bit Microsoft Word, download the *x86.msi. If you are using 64-bit Microsoft Word, download the *x64.msi.

  4. Configure your Microsoft Word security settings after you install the Word Add-in. For more information on configuring Word security settings, refer to the Microsoft Word documentation.

  5. Optional: After you install the Word Add-in, you can configure the user group that can access the Word Add-in by specifying the name in the WORD_ADDIN_GROUP site parameter. If you do not specify a group for this site parameter, all users can access the Word Add-in.

    For general details on configuring parameters, see Set configuration parameters.

  6. Before you use the Word add-in for the first time on your machine, you must download and register the ALM client.

    To download the ALM client, navigate to the ALM login screen, and the appropriate files are downloaded to your machine.

    To register the ALM client, from the ALM qcbin page, click Tools > ALM Client Registration. At the bottom of the ALM Client Registration page, click one of the following:

    • If you are using 32-bit Word, click Register ALM (32-bit).

    • Available for 24.1 P1 and later: If you are using 64-bit Word, click Register ALM (64-bit).

Microsoft Word add-in toolbars

After you install the ALM Microsoft Word add-in and enable the macros, the Microsoft Word add-in toolbars are available.

The ALM Microsoft Word Add-in adds the following toolbars:

  • ALM Common toolbar. Contains buttons commonly used when exporting requirements and test plans.

  • ALM Test Plan toolbar. Contains buttons used when formatting test plans.

  • ALM Requirements toolbars. Contain buttons used when formatting requirements.

To display or hide the toolbars:

  1. In your Word document, click the Add-ins tab.

  2. Click the ALM button and select the toolbar you want to display or hide.

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