ALM Database Reference

The HP ALM Database Reference provides a complete online reference for the project database tables and fields.

To view this reference:

  1. Prerequisite

    • On your mobile device, make sure you are using a browser that does not convert all files to txt format while downloading. Set this browser as your default browser.

  2. Download a CHM Reader.

    1. For Android, you can use iReader.

    2. For iOS, you can use CHMate Lite.

    Set the reader as your default reader.

  3. The CHM file can be found at HP ALM Database Reference.

    1. For Android, long press and save the above link. When the download completes, tap the file in the Notification Bar to open it in your reader.

    2. For iOS, tap the above link. The download may take a few moments. When it is complete, open the file in your reader.