Known issues

This is a technology preview, enabling you to experiment with AI Codeless testing.

This topic describes the known issues when working with Codeless.

Remote access window indicator

When you manually close the remote access window, the green-dot indicator on the environment card may still indicate a connection.

Test step syntax

When writing a test, do not include apostrophes, single quotes, or double quotes in a string.

Example: This step is not valid: Type 'Boy's shirt' into 'Description' field

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Testing mobile web applications

When selecting an application to test, do not select the UFTM Browser application.

To test a web application on a mobile device, select the Mobile Web radio button and provide a URL to use for the application.

Supported browsers: 

Android: Chrome

iOS: Chrome, Chromium-based Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

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Soft menu buttons

When writing a test, make sure not to click soft menu buttons.

These buttons are not supported when running the test.

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