Welcome to UFT AI Codeless

This is a technology preview, enabling you to experiment with AI Codeless testing.

Welcome to UFT AI Codeless, an automated testing solution providing robust mobile application test automation without coding test scripts.

This Help Center describes working with UFT AI Codeless. You can also use AI testing capabilities in UFT. For details, see AI-based testing.

This Help Center includes documentation relevant for all UFT AI Codeless versions. Any version specific changes are indicated where relevant.

Advantages of AI Codeless automated tests?

AI Codeless tests identify objects visually, the way a person would, enabling you to run the same test on different platforms and versions, and reducing test maintenance efforts.

UFT AI Codeless can also identify visually different objects as the same functional object. For example, various shapes of Log in or SIGN IN buttons are all identified as login buttons.

No need for programming knowledge

Codeless testing enables you to automate application testing without programming knowledge or IDE experience. This extends the range of personas within your company who can contribute to the automation effort, resulting in a higher test coverage.

In a test, describe your application flows in a natural language, as you see and experience them in the application. You do not need to relating to the application objects' implementation and underlying properties.

Behind the scenes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Programming (NLP) engines translate your flows into automation flows that drive the application UI.

One test for all platforms

Tests are technology agnostic, identifying objects visually, regardless of the UI technology details used behind the scenes.

Therefore, you can create a test once and then run it on different environments hosting your application. This enables creating tests faster than when using traditional automation tools, and reduces test maintenance efforts.

Resilient tests - reduced test maintenance

AI-based testing does not rely on the application’s UI implementation, and recognizes objects even if they change location or framework. Therefore, the test it is less sensitive to changes in the application, reducing test maintenance and increasing test automation rates.

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How do I get started? 

Install UFT AI Codeless on a Windows machine.

Start UFT AI Codeless.

Connect to UFT Mobile and select a device and application.

Inspect your application to detects its objects.
Add steps to your test.
Select environments on which to run the test.
Run your test.
Analyze the test results

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