This is a technology preview, enabling you to experiment with AI Codeless testing.

This topic provides an example of a functional test created in AI Codeless Testing, as well as some sample screen captures.

Sample test on an online shopping application

This example shows a AI Codeless Testing test that purchases an item in the Advantage Online Shopping store.

Log in to the Advantage Online Shopping application

These are the test steps that AI Codeless Testing runs on the application's login screen:

Click the hamburger_menu

Click the profile

Type 'aidemo1' into 'USER NAME' input

Type 'Aidemo1' into 'PASSWORD' input

Click the 'LOGIN' button

Search for product in Advantage Online Shopping application and add it to the cart

These are the test steps that AI Codeless Testing runs on the screen for selecting a product:

Search for 'headphones'

Click the '179.99$' text

Click the 'ADD TO CART' button

Pay for the products in the Advantage Online Shopping shopping cart

These are the test steps that AI Codeless Testing runs to proceed to payment:

Click the shopping_cart

Click the 'CHECKOUT (PAY 179.99)' text

Click the 'PAY NOW' button

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Add a step with custom details

In the example below, the user clicked INSPECT in the IDENTIFY tab. In the resulting screenshot, AI Codeless Testing highlighted the app's objects. The user double-clicked a text_box object. Since this operation requires a parameter, AI Codeless Testing prompted the user for a value before adding the step to the test.

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The same test running on multiple environments

This example shows a run session running the same test on different environments, one after the other.

You can see that the run is in progress on the second environment, and that currently, step 5 is running.

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A failed step in the test results

In this example, the test results display a failed test step. Hover over the test step to show the reason for the failure.

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Test results for multiple environments

In this example, you can see the successful results of the same test step on multiple environments. Expand the device's node to see a list of steps.

For details about this report, see the UFT Developer Help Center.

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