Add verification steps

You can add a verification step that checks whether an object exists or does not exist in the application. This may be helpful, for example, to make sure an object is present before performing an operation on it.

If the condition specified in the Verify step is not met, the step fails. However, a Verify object exists step on a property-based object may succeed even if the object is not visible in the application.

To create a verification step using the EDIT STEP tab:

  1. Select an object for your step.

  2. Select the Verify action.

  3. Select the Exists or Does not exist option, to specify which condition the step checks. (Default: Exists)

  4. Define a Timeout in seconds for how long to wait for the step's condition to be met. (Default:20)

  5. If you want the test run on the current environment to stop if the verification step fails, select Stop test run upon failure.

    Otherwise, the step failure is reported but the run continues. (Default: Run does not stop)

If you type a verification step directly into the step box, use the syntax rules described in Test step syntax. Then use the EDIT STEP tab to set the Timeout and Stop test run upon failure options.

If you select the Stop test run upon failure option, a Stop indicator is added to the test step.

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