AI Codeless Testing installation

This is a technology preview, enabling you to experiment with AI Codeless testing.

This topic describes how to download and install AI Codeless Testing using the installation wizard or a silent installation command.


To install AI Codeless Testing, you must first install one of the following Micro Focus functional testing products with a valid license:

  • UFT Developer with AI Features installed.

  • UFT One with the AI Features and UFT Developer features installed.

    The UFT Developer feature is excluded by default from the UFT One installation, so you must explicitly include it. If you have a UFT One installation without UFT Developer, the AI Codeless Testing installation automatically invokes the UFT One installation and adds it. For details, see UFT One Installation.

Tip: When installing UFT Developer, the installation wizard prompts you to select a Developer Configuration: UFT Developer runtime engine only or Full installation. For AI Codeless Testing, it is sufficient to choose UFT Developer runtime engine only.

For mobile testing, make sure that you have access to mobile devices in UFT Mobile. For details, see the UFT Mobile Help Center.

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Download the installation

AI Codeless Testing is part of the UFT One offering.

Access the UFT One installation files here:

Save your download to a location that will have 260 characters or less in the path, including filenames within the installation folder.

Note: Windows is limited to 260 characters in these files, and the installation will fail if your file path is longer. In such cases, move your download to a location with a shorter path.

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Run the installation wizard

To run the installation using the installation wizard:

  1. Unzip the UFT One package you downloaded.
  2. Locate the setup file AI\setup.exe.
  3. Run the setup.exe file, and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Run a silent installation

To run the installation silently, open a command window and use the following commands:

To install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable prerequisite:

<UFT One installation files>\AI\setup.exe /InstallOnlyPrerequisite /s

This command also verifies that the required Windows feature is enabled.

To install UFT One with the UFT Developer feature:

MsiExec /qn /i "<UFT installation files>\Unified Functional Testing\MSI\Unified_Functional_Testing_x64.msi" ADDLOCAL="Core_Components,IDE,Test_Results_Viewer,Web_Add_in,UFTDeveloper_Engine,UFTDeveloper,UFTDeveloper_Client"

To install AI Codeless Testing with the AI Engine and the AI Codeless Testing Tool features.

MsiExec /qn /i "<UFT installation files>\AI\AI_Installer.msi" ADDLOCAL="AI_Services,UI_Services"

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