What's New in AI Codeless Testing 15.0.2

The table below describes the new features and enhancements available in AI Codeless Testing 15.0.2. For details about earlier versions, use the navigation links on the left side of the page.

Enhancement Description
Support Desktop web applications Build and run your tests on any open web browser, and configure web browser environments for test runs, in addition to mobile environments.
Record AI test steps

You can now create a sequence of steps in your test, as you perform a business flow on your application. Within the recording session, you can also fine-tune the object identification and add checkpoint steps.

For more details, see the topic on recording an AI-based test in the UFT One Help Center.

Add conditional steps to your test

Add If and Else statements, making your tests more complex and robust by adding steps that run only if a specified condition is met.

For more details, see Add conditional steps.

Run tests in AI Codeless Testing using a command line

Use the command <installation folder>\bin\CodelessExecuter.bat <path to test location> to run tests in AI Codeless Testing.

This enables you, for example, to run AI Codeless Testing tests from a CI/CD server such as Jenkins.

For details on the options you can use with this command, see Run the test from a command line interface.

Test editing enhancements

When editing your test, you can now enjoy more complex editing capabilities: 

  • Copy and paste steps or parts of steps

  • Easily undo and redo changes
  • Add lines by pressing Enter at the end of an existing line.
Feedback tool If you use the feedback tool on a computer that is not connected to the Internet, you can now save your feedback locally and send it to Micro Focus later.
Additional control types supported

For a full list of supported controls, see the AI testing section of the UFT Help Center.

  • New control types and type names are now supported:

    On web and mobile apps: check_mark, minus.

    On web applications only: Linkedin, Instagram, rss_feed.

  • Use general names to include multiple control types:

    left for left arrows and left triangles. Similarly, you can use right, up, and down.

    Toggleable or Togglable for controls like toggle button, check box, and radio button.

    field for controls that accept text, like text boxes, inputs, and combo boxes.

Installation prerequisites

You can now install AI Codeless Testing on a computer that has one of the following installed: 

  • UFT Developer

  • UFT One with the UFT Developer feature

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