What's New in UFT AI Codeless 2.0

Version 2.0 of UFT AI Codeless contains the following enhancements:

All new UI

The UFT AI Codeless user interface was redesigned, enhancing and simplifying the user experience.

Step Editor

A new tab in the right panel, EDIT STEP, provides an editor to tweak object identification. This includes newly supported control types. UFT AI Codeless now identifies camera, categories, chat, check box, facebook, favorites, radio button, share, toggle button, trash, twitter, and view. For a complete list, see the UFT Help Center.

Improved object detection

Better ability to associate text with object. The "identification by text" is more accurate and robust, for example, associating the text inside the button but adjacent to a label, with an object.

Property-based and Spy detection

Property-based recognition lets you identify objects in your app based on the properties, as defined by the app designer. In cases where the AI engine is unable to identify objects, use the Spy to identify them using the properties.

Partial Text support

For text objects, you can instruct UFT AI Codeless to detect even part of a text string. This capability finds your text anywhere and clicks it, even if it is part of a larger text block. For details, see Manually add and edit steps.

External Remote access

The remote access window for mobile devices opens externally to the UFT AI Codeless interface, enabling access to all of the control panel's functions.

Help design the future of UFT AI Codeless

When using UFT AI Codeless to identify objects in your app, click the Help us improve link to provide feedback on the quality of identification. The app screen opens in the Feedback tool with the detected objects marked. You can approve, reject, or comment on identification, as well as specify additional objects and types to detect. For details, see the Feedback Tool documentation.

Enhanced report

The UFT AI Codeless run report now has the same format as the UFT one and UFT Developer reports.

Bookmarking the Help Center

To ensure that you are always viewing the most up-to-date version of the Help Center, bookmark this link: https://admhelp.microfocus.com/codeless.

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