Introducing AI Codeless Testing

AI Codeless Testing is the AI-based automated testing solution Model-Based Testing uses. It provides robust application test automation using tests that you write in plain English.


Model-Based Testing is a functional-testing management platform that enables QA engineers and subject matter experts to collaborate and manage testing.

AI Codeless Testing lets you create and edit automated scripts for units in your MBT model. The scripts are stored in MBT, and run as part of an MBT test.

In AI Codeless Testing, each script is created independently as an AI Codeless test. You can run individual AI Codeless tests locally in AI Codeless Testing as you develop them, to make sure they work correctly.

For details, see Model-Based Testing Help Center.

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How do I get started?

Follow the procedure below to get started:

1. Install AI Codeless Testing

Install AI Codeless Testing on the machine where you open MBT. For details, see AI Codeless Testing installation.

2. Initial setup

Configure and launch your applications before you start to create an AI Codeless test. For details, see Prepare to create a test.

3. Create an AI Codeless test

Create an AI Codeless test by inspecting or recording on your applications. For details, see Create a test based on your application.

4. Customize your test settings

Customize your test and step settings to optimize object identification in the runtime. For details, see Customize settings.

5. Run your test

Run your test on one or multiple applications. During the test run, you can view the execution result of each step in real time. For details, see Run an AI Codeless test.

6. View and analyze test results

View the test report after the test run and analyze the results. For details, see Analyze test results.

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Advantages of AI Codeless automated tests

The following table describes the advantages of AI Codeless tests:

Advantage Details

No need for programming knowledge

AI Codeless tests are described in a natural language. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Programming (NLP) engines translate your test flows into automation flows that drive the application UI.

This enables you to extend the range of personas who can contribute to automation, resulting in a higher test coverage.

One test for all platforms

AI Codeless tests are technology agnostic, identifying objects visually, regardless of the technology details used behind the scenes and the object implementation details.

This enables you to run one test on various environments hosting your application.

Resilient tests - reduced test maintenance

AI Codeless tests are less sensitive to application changes. They do not rely on the application’s UI implementation, and recognizes objects even if the object location or framework is changed.

This reduces test maintenance and increases test automation rates.

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