What's New

This section describes the enhancements implemented in Micro Focus Connect versions 24.1 - 24.1-24.1.1.

In addition, targeted performance improvements, security updates, bug fixes, and stability improvements are incorporated into these versions. For details, see Resolved issues.

What's New in 24.1.1

The following usability enhancements are available from version 24.1-24.1.1:

Feature Description
Import/export Users with an Admin role can now import and export content. For details, see Import, export, and back up data.
Performance improvements Performance improvements are introduced for the ServiceNow connector. For details, see Product Readmes.
GitLab connector update The GitLab connector is updated for this release. For details, see Product Readmes.
Data source renaming You can now rename data sources. For details, see Data source guidelines.

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What's New in 24.1

The following usability enhancements are available from version 24.1:

Feature Description
JavaScript in calculated values You can now use standard JavaScript for calculated values. This new JavaScript functionality is not backward compatible with the undocumented JavaScript capability of previous 23.x releases, which is no longer supported. For details, see Define calculated values.
Performance improvements To improve performance and reduce CPU and memory usage, chart generation was disabled by default. If required, you can enable the chart generation. For details, see Charts.
Azure DevOps connector enhancements Azure DevOps connectors have improved support for ADO paths. For details, see Azure DevOps synchronizations.
Jira boards optional Jira boards are now optional. Jira boards are only required when you need to synchronize sprint data. For details, see Prepare Jira for synchronization.
Connection groups You can now group connections together into logical groups and filter them by group. For details, see Create and manage connections.
Cloning improvements You can now specify a different data source for a cloned connection. For details, see Create and manage connections.

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