What's New in 4.4.3

This topic describes the enhancements and fixes in Micro Focus Connect 4.4.3.

Product enhancements

The following enhancements are available in this release:

  • Comment filtering. You can now filter the comments being synchronized to those created after a specific date. This capability is available for the following connectors: ALM/QC, ALM Octane, Azure DevOps, Confluence, Jira, and ServiceNow.

  • Comment header. You can now inject a comment header to newly created or updated comments. The comment header consists of: 'author' 'lastUpdateTime'. (This header is not shown in ALM/QC). To enable comment headers, turn on the data source property Inject Comment Header Into Comment Text.

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Bug fixes

The following fixes are available in this release:

  • WebSocket fix. Fixed issue where leaving the Micro Focus Connect UI open with active updates would cause the product to freeze.

  • Connector timeout. Poor network connections would cause several connectors to hang during HTTP queries. A new HTTP timeout in the data source properties prevents the intermittent hanging. Connectors now have a default timeout of 5 minutes.

  • ALM/QC to Jira. When synchronizing from ALM/QC to Jira, newline (CRLFs) are no longer lost.

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The following hotfixes for version 4.42 were incorporated into 4.4.3:


  • Color conversion.Micro Focus Connect can now convert colors from RGB to HEX format, allowing the Atlassian renderer to successfully perform the conversion.

  • NULL values. Micro Focus Connect no longer throws an NPE (Null pointer exception) when Team, Release Name, Metaphase, or Sprint name are set to NULL.

  • Milestone page size. The default value for page size for each query was increased, preventing the slow synchronization time. In addition, support was added for a large number of milestones.

  • Migrate multiple projects. A new maintenance tool allows you to migrate a set of projects from an existing synchronization to a new synchronization. If the project name has a colon, precede it with the escape character '\'. The usage is:

    <code>java -jar maintenance.jar -d "<path/to/database>" \<br />

    -migrateProject \<br />

    -synchronizationName "Original Synchronization" \<br />

    -newSynchronizationName "New Synchronization" \<br />

    -projectMapping "sourceProject1:targetProject1" -projectMapping "sourceProject2:targetProject2"</code>

  • HTML document images. HTML documents containing an image with content ID in the Alt tag, are now supported.
  • Exported connections. Running connections no longer become disabled after exporting users.
  • SMTP traces. The ability to trace SMTP sessions was restored.
  • setField failure. The audit data now shows the associated ID when a setField fails.


  • ALM/QC attachments. Fetching of attachments for new items was disabled for ALM/QC, thus preventing the 404 Not Found status. Fetching attachments is limited to existing items.

  • Multiple projects. For ALM/QC connections, Micro Focus Connect now only opens one session for each synchronization, even if the connection contains multiple projects.

  • Version control. For ALM/QC connections, with version control, a fix was applied to prevent the Entity is not checked out exception.

  • Transfer speed. For ALM/QC connections, the HTTP ALM session is now refreshed after the creation of a new SSO session. This cleans up the connection and prevents memory leaks.


  • Rich text. Support for ALM/QC Jira synchronizations, where the Jira data source setting is configured to "Use Wiki to Store Rich Text"

  • Jira rich text fields. Rich text Description fields in Jira now include the background color and the text is displayed correctly.

  • Team fields.The Team field now synchronizes properly in a Jira - ALM Octane connection.

  • Epic mappings. Support for mapping two or more Jira Epics to an ALM Octane multi-selection list.

  • Jira connector. The Jira connector now fetches all mapped fields—not just the first 50 fields.

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