What's New in 4.4

This topic describes the enhancements and fixes in Micro Focus Connect 4.4.

Core product fixes

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Fixed the Micro Focus Connect XXE vulnerability.
  • Fixed single user and multi-user fields to allow setting of null or empty values.

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Extended support

The following support enhancements are now available in Micro Focus Connect:

  • This version is released with Apache Tomcat Version 9.0.37.
  • Added support for synchronization of multi-user fields between ALM Octane and JIRA.

  • ALM Octane milestones and programs are supported as syncable entities.

  • JIRA milestones (fixVersions) are supported as syncable entities.
  • Broadcom Rally (formerly CA Agile) milestones are supported as syncable entities.

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The following issue is known on the Server:

  • Known Issue: When expanding a node in the audit tree, the following error: is shown: "Activity tree has not been cached yet." This happens when you navigate to another top-level tab and then return to the "Connections" tab. To continue, re-run the audit query.

The following bugs were fixed on the Server:

  • Identifying the set-cookie header attribute should be not be case sensitive
  • User map tree cannot be loaded into the Micro Focus Connect UI. This occurs when there is a large number of user maps.
  • Issue with IDs for comments were conflicting with IDs of items.
  • When translating a user field, the lookup should be case independent. When comparing two user-field values, the comparison should be case independent.
  • For Min/Max, the property was being looked up against the itemType of the assigned var instead of the type in the Min/Max argument.
  • Sync criteria changes.
  • Issue preventing the use of allowed syntax '->' in Calculated Value.
  • Prevent comments from being bi-directionly synchronized if the direction of the mapping is one-way.
  • Items are not being synched when switching to bi-directional. The issue comes about when there are two type mappings for the same types.
  • When trying to save a connection, customer sees error: "Content cannot contain Html tags."
  • To property evaluate IsModified in calculated values.
  • When expanding or collapsing the user map tree, do not select the first node in the tree.
  • Clicking save on an empty user map is not displaying the appropriate message.
  • Relationship change to "Relate to All types" is not detected. Save button was not enabled after applying "Relate to All types."
  • Cannot save changes to user maps.
  • When there are connections setup that have two or more of the same type on either master or target sides, the audit only shows hits for the first type found.
  • User is able to submit a new data source with leading and trailing spaces in the name. This causes an error from the server: "Content Cannot contain HTML Tags."
  • Removed edit button for Type Mappings using Common Projects. Editing the Type Mappings for Common Projects is not supported.
  • Creating a connection with data sources that are used in a running connection cause a 500 error.
  • When creating a connection, the UI shows 'Inherit' instead of the correct direction arrow image. When creating a new connection, the wizard shows the default direction for the last row selected in the connection grid.
  • When an import fails, added to the failure message: See server logs for detailed error information. Always return a JSON object that contains detailed error information. If an error occurs on the server, display the error information to the user.
  • DateTime comparison no longer uses milliseconds (this improves the comparison between products that may or may not have milliseconds).
  • Ensure empty string and null are handled similarly.
  • Add support for retrieving the label of an enum in a calculatedValue by specifying .label as the suffix of the enum property.
  • Added per connection logging.
  • Changes to a data source properties can result in losing Type and Relationship Model customizations.
  • Provide additional arguments in maintenance jar commands to allow for finding with a filter of connection, type, and errors.
  • Per item skip and abort details were not included in audit data, they are now included.
  • Calculated values should allow the user to specify the type label as well as the type name.
  • When if an add item operation fails, a more descriptive error is displayed in the iteration messages.
  • Audit results do not display delete actions.
  • Improved information available in connection messages for abort add/update failures.
  • Set Associated Id in audit for ALM Octane comment update.
  • Some skipped and aborted exceptions do not appear in the audit data. User is not given information on why items are not being synced.
  • Multiple Micro Focus Connect server threads writing to a web socket session at the same time may throw this exception: "java.lang.IllegalStateException: The remote endpoint was in state [TEXT_FULL_WRITING] which is an invalid state for called method."
  • Issue where post-create operation prevented recording of relationship between items.
  • Data source and type properties can include valid use characters that do not pass the security restrictions in Micro Focus Connect.
  • An HTTP 500 is thrown when mapping a field name that does not pass the sanitize rules. In Jira, it is valid to have a field name like: "Date & Time."
  • When there are connections setup that have two or more of the same type on either master or target sides, the audit only shows hits for the first type found.
  • If a criteria tree with 'Not' operators exist, throw a DisableConnectionException if the 'Not' node has more than one child node.
  • Improved reliability when synchronizing one target project to two source projects, specifically when relations between sync items is concerned.
  • To add support for retrieving the label of an enum in a calculatedValue, add support for "this" as a value in calculated values, add support for calculated value operators using HTML properties.
  • Improve sanitize logging and fix known problems with whitespace. Full 100% unit test coverage of the sanitizeText method.
  • Update on dbFix, by removing trailing and leading spaces from datasource, synchronization, projectmap, valuemap, calculatedvalue and synccriterianode.
  • Issues with re-use of cached data source details when configuring items in the UI.

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PPM Connector

  • From version 4.4, the PPM Connector is fully supported and not longer a Beta.

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ServiceNow Connector

The following enhancements are now available in the ServiceNow Connector:

  • Updated ServiceNowItem.setField() to handle null/empty value.
  • Fix ServiceNow 403 errors.
  • Improved ServiceNow performance by increasing chunk retrieval size.

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Dimensions CM Connector

The following enhancements are now available in the Dimensions Connector:

  • NPE caused by incomplete submissions are now handled.
  • The connector is not utilizing the onForceExit() ability. Implemented the functionality for shut-down performance.

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Rally Connector

The following enhancements are now available in the Rally Connector:

  • Rally Connector fails with error - err=type=Milestone, fieldname=Project does not match any. The method RallyDataPool.getMovedFromProjects() wrongly assumed all items have a field named "Project." Now, this method returns an empty list if no item has a field named "Project."
  • Updated README to describe workaround for the milestones problem. To continue, add a relationship in the dataSource for the milestones field.
  • RPI to prevent recursive call for sync criteria in more general cases.
  • The "State" field is required and cannot have value "None."
  • Added milestone link and milestone name to Rally connector. Types supporting milestone are defect, defectsuite, feature, initiative, testcase, testset and story.
  • Handle image errors that occur after updating properties to insure that Micro Focus Connect does not attempt to repeat property updates.
  • Fixed issue with using isDescendant in sync criteria.

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ALM Octane Connector

The following enhancements are now available in the ALM Octane Connector:

  • If one attachment fails to sync (e.g. deny listed content), subsequent attachments should succeed.
  • For a user field or a string field that is a team, if the value can't be resolved in the list of valid choices, throw AbortSyncItemException.
  • Fixed issue with where IDs for comments were conflicting with IDs of items.
  • Performance improvement, only fetch attachments if needed.
  • Fixed connection issues.
  • Fix Micro Focus Connect shifting dates with one day in edge case time zones.
  • Fixed issues detecting attachment MimeTypes.
  • Fix Story Points not being clearable.
  • Removed the interpretation of error 403 as Not Authorized Logic because error 403 can occur for other reasons.
  • Fixed issues when user information in ALM Octane doesn't have all values.
  • Fixed issues retrieving large sets of teams and users.
  • Fixed issues when clearing datetime fields.
  • Fixed bug where when setting empty values in the AppModuleTree property, it should clear the field value.
  • Improved reporting of phase field errors to account for additional errors from ALM Octane.
  • Fixed clearing a string field.
  • If an ALM Octane relationship for a item field is missing, then Micro Focus Connect generates a useful error and disables the connection.
  • Updated readme to discuss syncing requirementItems and requirementFolders.
  • Improved handling of parent and relationship fields.
  • ALM Octane multi-user fields are now supported.
  • Added support for Program type and ProgramName field.
  • Added support for Milestone type and MilestoneName field
  • Fixed issues with block and blocked reasons.
  • The ALM Octane syncable fields for Task do not show the 'story' property as required. An ALM Octane Task requires a parent Story. The Micro Focus Connect UI does not show the 'story' property in the red color.
  • Fixed issue where setting a date property is one day off. The "closed_on" date is one day off.
  • Fixed issues related to syncing one target project to two ALM Octane projects.

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ALM Connector

The following enhancements are now available in the ALM Connector:

  • Added support for providing default values for all types of fields that are required. For enums in localized versions, the first enum is selected as the default. Also fixed issue with recognizing Float properties.
  • When creating an item, if the attachments can't be fetched, fixed issue where a duplicate item in ALM was being created.
  • Fixed issue with IDs for comments were conflicting with IDs of items.
  • Added functionality to include Date syncCriteria into item query strings. Assumed the most common case is to add "creation-time" to the query which is a Date. This allows us to, for example, only sync items with creation-time > 2020-01-01. This significantly improves performance. Use label "Creation Date" instead of "Creation Time." Also include syncCriteria terms in the getChangedIdsSince method. Lastly, updated pageSize to 1000 to improve performance.
  • Created fix for multiple connections being open when synchronizations are more than 15m apart.
  • Null pointer exception when the name of a "Test Parent Folder ID" has been set to null in the HPALM database.
  • Handle ALM/QC HTML comment formatting during synchronization.
  • Updated exception handling in case where item has persisted on the server, but subsequent action fails.
  • Improved XML parser security. Fixed an edge case Locale string comparison error.
  • Fixed issue where Micro Focus Connect now ensures that getItemVersion returns a valid version string. Fixes an issue where duplicates were created.
  • Fixed isSyncable issue and getParent issue.
  • Fixed issue where dead embedded image links are skipped without bubbling up exception. With this change, if a comment text contains a deadLink (unfetchable URL), the resulting commentText still contains the deadLink. The previous code would bubble up an exception and prevent other comments from syncing.
  • Fixed caching problem related to attachments.
  • Fixed authentication session issue.
  • Fixed ALM 500 server error.
  • Fixed 401 errors accessing ALM/QC.

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AccuWork Connector

The following enhancement is now available in the AccuWork Connector:

  • Improved connector validation to require getSyncableFields to return an ID property and URL if they are defined in the Type data.

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