Known Issues

Refer to the ReadMe.html file included in each connector directory for information on any known issues or limitations with the provided connector functionality. Additionally, review the following:

Issue Description
Value mapping tables can be ambiguous

Value mapping tables can be ambiguous as shown below:

Product AAA Product BBB
storyStatus.inProgress storyPhase.inProgress
storyStatus.selectedForDev storyPhase.inProgress
storyStatus.complete storyPhase.done

In this example, if Micro Focus Connect needs to map the value storyPhase.inProgress from Product BBB to a value in Product AAA, the mapping is ambiguous.

In this case, Micro Focus Connect will always choose the lower mapping from the mapping table (story.selectedForDev in the above example).

New items with dependencies may temporarily fail to sychronize

Micro Focus Connect may generate errors when item dependencies cannot be resolved. These errors should resolve themselves in the following iteration.

Example: Some products cannot create a task item until a valid parent story item is created and configured. In its first iteration, Micro Focus Connect could attempt to create a task item before creating the parent story item. This will result in an error in the current iteration.

In the following iteration, both items will be successfully synchronized with the appropriate relationships.

Move detection for CA Agile Move detection for CA Agile is not active in this release. If you are synchronizing multiple projects with CA Agile and another product, and you move an item from one project to another, this will not be seen as a move operation. Instead this is seen as a new item in the related product and project and will get created as part of sync operations, but the existing item will not be removed.
Three-Way Sync Upgrade not supported

While this release of Micro Focus Connect does allow a user to configure a synchronization directly between Silk Central and JIRA, it does not provide an upgrade mechanism for any current users who are syncing Silk Central and JIRA using the Hub in between (a three way sync: syncing Silk Central to the Hub, then the Hub to JIRA).

Note: Any existing three-way sync operations will continue to work as expected.

SCM Synchronization is not supported SCM Synchronization is not supported in thise release. Users using SCM Synchronization should continue to use prior releases of Micro Focus Connect.
StarTeam to ALM Automapping If automapping a single type (i.e. Requirement) to another type (i.e. Story), then enum fields may not contain all the values, and they won't be marked red as requiring attention. Make sure to review enum field values to set the correct options if automapping a single type to another type.
Creating Tags Requires Restarting Micro Focus Connect Server Restart After synchronizing tags and creating new tags, restart Micro Focus Connect server in order to see the new tags
Error When External ID Is Not Set for Software Configuration Management (SCM) Connectors The error "ChangeSet type mappings must have values for ... Use the Type Set Manager to set values" appears when external ID is not set for any SCM connector. Go to the Type Set Manager and set the appropriate values.
Micro Focus Connect Login Dialog May Not Refresh after Upgrade After Atlas Planning and Tracking Suite upgrade, the Micro Focus Connect login dialog may not refresh properly. To correct this issue, clear the browser history and try to log into Micro Focus Connect again.
Upgrade Issues You cannot upgrade from any prior release to this version. You must install this version on a different machine.
Working with Value Maps For every boolean property in the Micro Focus Connect, if it has a boolean mapping, the values must be true or false. (As opposed to Yes/No or anything else).

However, a value map can consist of either side having an empty value. For example, you can map the empty value to false.