Welcome to Micro Focus Connect

Micro Focus Connect is a tool used to synchronize item and relationship data between various Micro Focus change and configuration management systems and other repositories or clients. Once data is synchronized into the system, all of the change management capabilities of the system, including versioning, branching, tracing, labeling, and reporting, are available on that data.

Use the following links to help you get up-and-running with Micro Focus Connect:

Install and configure a Micro Focus Connect server

See Windows installation

You can configure your server for secure connection.

See SSL/TLS setup.

Install Connectors

The Micro Focus Connect installation includes several common Connectors.

You can install additional Connectors for your specific products.

See Install connectors.

Define Data Sources

Synchronization takes place between two products. Define a Data Source for each product.

See Create a data source

Define a User Map

If users are identified differently in both data sources, create a User Map to link between the users.

See User maps.

Define a Connection

Define a Connection to create the relationship between two Data Sources, and select the types to synchronize.

See Create a connection

Fine tune Micro Focus Connect's performance

Explore topics in the Install & Maintain menu

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