Cross references

This topic describes cross references, the relationships between synchronized items.


After you have synchronized items between data sources in Micro Focus Connect, the relationships are stored internally as cross references. The cross references can be exported. If necessary, you can modify the cross references manually in the exported file, and import them back into the same connection.

Cross references are managed at the connection level.

To access the export/import commands, click the gear alongside a connection.

The following commands are available:

  • Import Cross References
  • Export Cross References
  • Export Cross Reference Template

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Import/export use-cases

This section describes possible use-cases for exporting and importing cross references.

Use-case 1:

If an item in Product A was deleted, but you want the corresponding item in Product B to be associated with a different item, you can update the cross reference in the xml file, and re-import the file into the connection.

Use-case 2:

You are moving a configuration between Micro Focus Connect systems, but are not moving the whole configuration.

  1. In the originating system, export the cross references.
  2. In the destination system, export the cross reference template. For details, see Cross references template file.

  3. Copy the syncset guid from the template and use it to replace the appropriate guid in the cross reference file from the originating system. These guids identify the Project Type Criteria that identifies a set.
  4. Import the modified file into the destination system.

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Cross references template file

A cross reference template file will look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <set syncsetguid="f5d70a92-eb4c-4de1-b9f5-de83968d9760">
      <source type="Defect" project="scen2_workspace" criteria="Type Rule: AND Application modules EQUALS 3002" />
      <target type="Bug" project="MFCSER:MFCSER board" criteria="Type Rule: " />
            <source>a source item id</source>
            <target>a target item id</target>
            <source>a source item id</source>
            <target>a target item id</target>
   <set syncsetguid="a5d75269-4cce-46e0-8fa4-571cb7dd909f">
      <source type="Defect" project="scen2_workspace" criteria="Type Rule: AND Application modules EQUALS 3001" />
      <target type="Bug" project="MFCRES:MFCRES board" criteria="Type Rule: " />
      <adds />

The “adds” section includes the source-target references to be added.

The "removes” section includes source-target references to be removed.

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