Install SSL certificates

If your organization uses its own SSL certificates, you will likely see an PKIX or SSL handshake error when creating a Data Source.

Import SSL certificates

To avoid errors, you need to import the SSL certificates into the certificate store for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) used by Micro Focus Connect.

To import SSL certificates:

  1. Copy the mfcFullRestClient.jar file into the Micro Focus Connect folder (the folder that contains the AppData directory).
  2. Run:

    jre\bin\java -jar mfcFullRestClient.jar -h <host>:<port> -installCert

    Where <host>:<port> are the host and port of the Data Source you are trying to connect to. For example, if your Data Source is located at https:\\, enter

    If your data source does not specify a port, leave port blank.

    The jar will connect to the server and try to validate the SSL certificate.

  3. When you are prompted to add the certificates, select the certificates to import by their index numbers.
  4. Repeat this until all the certificates are imported.
  5. Enter 'q' when you have finished.
  6. You can verify the certificates by running the same command again. You should see a response indicating, "No errors, certificate is already trusted".
  7. Upon completion you will find a jssecacerts file in the folder. Copy this file into the jre\lib\security folder.
  8. Rename the existing cacert file as cacert.old.
  9. Rename the jseecacerts file as cacerts.
  10. Restart the Micro Focus Connect server.

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