Windows installation

Before you install Micro Focus Connect, check the Support Matrix.

Before you install

Perform the following before you install Micro Focus Connect:

  1. Check the Support Matrix.
  2. Download Micro Focus Connect Core for Windows from the Micro Focus Marketplace.
  3. If you are upgrading an existing installation, to prevent data loss, stop any connections that are running in the existing installation.

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Install Micro Focus Connect

Perform the following steps to install Micro Focus Connect:

  1. Double click the installer named MicroFocusConnect-<version-OS_Info>.exe. The Introduction page opens.
  2. Click Next. The License Agreement page opens.
  3. Choose I accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next. The Choose Install Folder page opens.
  4. Accept the default or click Choose to select a new location. Click Next. The Choose Shortcut Folder page opens.
  5. Select where you want the Shortcut Folder and click Next. Micro Focus Connect will be configured for your system and the Pre-Installation Summary page opens.
  6. Click Install. The Installing Connect page opens and the installation process starts. When the installation is done, the Install Complete page opens.
  7. Click Done. The installation is complete. The Micro Focus Connect Web service starts automatically.

    4.4 SP1 and higher: Start the Micro Focus Connect service manually.

    4.4 and lower: The Micro Focus Connect Web service starts automatically.

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