Manage log files

Micro Focus Connect produces logs that record the activity of the various connection runs.

Log file location

The logs are stored in the c:/program files/micro focus/connect/AppData/logs folder.

Due to the large volume of the log information generated, the log files are archived in the log folders as .gz .zip files.

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Logging levels

Micro Focus Connect supports three levels of logging:

Log level Details
Info The default log level as set by the installer.

Significantly increases the amount of disk space utilized.

Is needed for short bursts of time, typically in conjunction with an Micro Focus Connect support engineer, to capture the evidence needed to raise defects.

Error The logging level that produces the least amount of information. Reduces the amount of disk space utilized.

The log level is controlled by the type of log4j2.xml file that is stored in the c:/program files/micro focus/connect/AppData folder.

There are three available variations of the log4j2.xml file, corresponding to the three logging levels: log4j2.xml,,

When Micro Focus Connect is installed, the log4j2.xml file is stored in the AppData folder, setting the logging level to Info.

The two other variations of the file are available in the c:/program files/micro focus/connect/utilities folder.

To change the logging level, replace the log4j2.xml file in the AppData folder with one of the other log4j2.xml files.

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Delete log files

All log files are automatically deleted by the mfcPurge.bat script. The script is distributed along with the Micro Focus utilities.

If the script is run on a scheduled basis, then all logs are automatically deleted on that schedule.

For details, see Purge in the Batch utility scripts topic.

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