Before you begin

Before you begin using Micro Focus Connect to synchronize your projects, we recommend that you consult the Planning Guide and Worksheet. (PDF format)

The document provides important resources, checklists and planning tables that will help you create the optimal setup for your needs.

Tip: In planning your synchronizations, we highly recommend that you run the Purge script as a nightly task. Failure to do so will cause the file folders to grow in size and overload the Micro Focus Connect memory. This will also affect the Micro Focus Connect overall system performance. For details, see Purge scripts.

We strongly recommend that you start using Micro Focus Connect actively only after you have addressed the large majority of the questions and considerations in the Planning Guide.

Note: Smooth operation of Micro Focus Connect requires its admin to have the skills for common backend systems. For details, refer to the Service Configuration – Roles and Responsibilities section in the Planning Guide and Worksheet.