Log in to Micro Focus Connect

This topic describes how to log in to Micro Focus Connect. Before opening the Micro Focus Connect user interface, make sure that the Micro Focus Connect server is running.


A new Micro Focus Connect installation comes with a pre-configured user, "Administrator." The pre-configured password for this user is "Administrator." When you log in the first time, you log in as "Administrator" and must change your password. This user has the Site role assigned to it.

The Administrator is in a Site user role and has full privilege to perform all operations in the Micro Focus Connect UI. The Administrator user is always available to use, even if you use other authenticators, such as Micro Focus Octane or Micro Focus ALM/QC.

Note: If there are 3 unsuccessful logins using the default authenticator, you will be locked out of Micro Focus Connect. If this occurs, contact your site administrator, who can resolve this issue using the batch utility on the Connect server machine. You cannot reuse any of the previous 12 passwords for the Default Authenticator user set up.

Your login user/password access is controlled by the product you are logging into if you use any other product-specific authenticator. Other authenticators can be configured, like the Octane or ALM/QC authenticators. These authenticate exactly the same way as they would log into the respective Octane or ALM/QC product.

The Connect SaaS customer does not include the Administrator user (Site role). The Admin user provided by your SaaS Support Team is an Admin role on the default authenticator. You can create more users at Admin or User roles on the default authenticator, or you can use a product-specific authenticator. The Admin role has fewer privileges than the Site role. The User role has fewer privileges than the Admin role.

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Log in

  1. In a supported browser, go to http://<machine-name>:<port>/ConnectWeb.

    The <machine-name> and <port> are the host name (ip address) of the machine, and the port the Connect server is configured to run on. The default port is 8081, but may have been overridden by your organization.

    The Connect Sign In page opens.

  2. Enter Administrator and Administrator for the Username and Password.

    Note: Username and Password are case-sensitive.

  3. Leave the Default Authenticator or Micro Focus Connect selection for the initial login.

    The default authenticator is Default Authenticator or Micro Focus Connect.

  4. Click Sign In. The Micro Focus Connect UI opens. Upon logging in for the first time, personalize your login credentials.

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