Import, export, and back up data

This topic describes how you can export and import data to/from an XML file into Micro Focus Connect. It also describes which folders need to be added to your backup plan.

Import data

This section describes how to import data from an XML file into Micro Focus Connect.

To import data:

  1. Click and select Import from the menu.

    The Import Connect Data dialog box opens.

  2. Navigate to the XML import file.
  3. Optionally, select Overwrite existing elements. (Only applicable to versions earlier than 4.4.2.) Micro Focus Connect will replace existing elements in the current Connect.xml file with the imported elements.
  4. Click Import.

Note: If you import the XML file when using Micro Focus Connect on Internet Explorer 11, the import action may report a failure message even though the import succeeded.

Check the resulting JSON file for a "true" value.

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Export data

This section describes how to export data that you want to use with another connector.

You can export data sources, synchronizations, and user maps to share across installations. When you export, you create an .xml file that can be imported into another installation.
  1. Click and select Export from the menu.
    The Export Connect Data dialog box opens.
  2. Navigate through the tabs and select the data you want to export.
  3. Click Export.

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Back up Micro Focus Connect data

With the additional support of Micro Focus Products as Master products in configurations, Micro Focus Connect stores necessary field relationship and configuration information in a database.

The recommended backup method is:

  1. Stop the Micro Focus Connect service.
  2. Back up the AppData/data/db directory and its contents, as you would back up any other critical data.
  3. Optionally, back up the AppData/data/Connect.xml file.

For details, refer to the Apache Derby documentation.

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