Add Relationships to Types

Micro Focus Connect provides the ability to maintain relationships between entities and synchronize those relationships. For example you can map the Octane Story to Feature relationship and maintain a similar relationship in Jira if you are mapping those to Stories and Epics.

There are things to consider when you do these mappings. The relationships you are adding may not be the same type, in the case described the Octane Story – Feature relationship is a parent – child relationship, and most (if not all) relationships in Jira are many – many relationships.

Where there can be ambiguity in relationships and common fields, Micro Focus Connect exposes a field with starting with “link.”. For example on a Jira Story you will see fixVersions which is a string field and contains the string as seen in Jira. Micro Focus Connect also represents this as an object relationship, so you can treat these like a Release. You’ll find that in Micro Focus Connect there is also a link.fixVersions field, which is the Entity relationship field that represents the relationship between Jira Versions (which can be modeled as releases) and Stories.