System requirements

Deployment Automation runs on Windows and UNIX-based systems. While the minimum requirements are sufficient for an evaluation, make sure to use server-class machines for production deployments.

Hardware requirements

The Deployment Automation server uses threading and takes advantage of any additional CPU cores assigned to it.

A small to mid-range server with 2 to 4 multi-core processors is ideal. However, because you can move an existing server installation to a new machine, starting small and scaling as needed is a viable strategy.

Make sure to increase the memory for the application tier according to your server configuration.

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Minimum server requirements

The following table describes the minimum server installation requirements. This configuration works for demonstration or evaluation purposes only.

Processor Single core, 1.5 GHz or higher.
Memory 4 GB or more, with 1.2 MB for Deployment Automation.

In the default server configuration, the memory size is set between 2 GB and 4 GB.
Disk Space 650 MB or more.
Java version Java JRE or JDK or later; 64-bit operating system.

Note: Java software is installed automatically as part of the server installation.

Note: For details on supported platforms, see the Supported Platform List for your version of Deployment Automation on the Support website.

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Recommended server configuration

We recommend the following server configuration for enterprise-level implementations:

Multiple server-class machines For production environments with up to 10,000 agents, use a single-server installation.

For installations with more than 10,000 agents, use an active-active approach to distribute the processing load of agent communication.
Database Use a separate machine for the database.
Network Gigabit (1000) Ethernet with low-latency to the database.
Processor 2 CPUs, 2+ cores for each, with 1.5 GHz or higher for each core.
Memory 8 GB or more.

For advanced memory calculations, see the Memory sizing estimates.
Disk Space and Database Storage Individual requirements depend on usage, retention policies, and application types. The amount of storage depends on the number of artifacts kept in the Deployment Automation artifact repository (CodeStation).

Note: CodeStation is installed with the server.

Use these guidelines to determine storage capacity for production environments:

  • 10–20 GB of database storage is sufficient for most environments.
  • Calculate CodeStation storage requirements in this way:

    Amount of storage = average artifact size * number of versions imported per day * average number of days before cleanup.

  • Allow for approximately 1 MB of database storage per deployment. This figure varies based on local requirements.

    For further assistance in determining storage requirements, contact Support.

Java version Java JRE or JDK or later; 64-bit operating system.

Note: Java software is installed automatically as part of the server installation.

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Memory sizing estimates

Follow these guidelines to estimate the amount of memory for your production environment:

1.2 GB Default maximum memory (heap size).
+1 GB For every 10,000 entities (applications, snapshots, environments, components, component versions, processes, resources, or agents).
+1 GB For every 500 components that are imported automatically on a Deployment Automation server.
+1 GB For every 20 concurrent users.
+1 GB For every 100 deployments daily.
+1 GB For every 100,000 records in deployment history. You can discount records for the applications and components that are no longer in use.

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Minimum agent requirements

Designed to be minimally intrusive, agents require the following minimum system configuration:

Processor An idle agent uses about 5 MHz of CPU. Additional requirements depend on the processes the agent will run.
Disk Space 100 MB.
Memory 256 MB. Recommended: 768 MB.
Java version Java JRE or JDK or later; either 32-bit or 64-bit as is appropriate to the operating system.

Note: To restrict security protocols, use Java version 8.0.

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Minimum agent relay requirements

For agent relays, use the following minimum configuration:

Processor Single core, 1.5 GHz or higher.
Disk Space 100 MB.
Memory 512 MB for up to 1000 agents connected through an agent relay.
Add 400 MB for every next 1000 agents.
Java version Java JRE or JDK or later; 64-bit operating system.

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