Plugins provide functionality in discrete steps to be used in component and global processes for configuration of or deployment into target environments.

Plugins provide the selection of process steps for component and global processes. These include basic Deployment Automation and file operation functions as well as many integrations with third-party tools. Deployment Automation ships with plugins for many common deployment process needs.

Plugins break down a tool's functions into steps such as detecting if a server is stopped, stopping a server, and starting a server. When you use plugins to create a component process, you typically use steps from several plugins. For example, you might create a process using a plugin for a source control tool that deploys a component to a middleware server, and another plugin to configure a step that removes the component from the server.

Deployment Automation provides plugins for:

  • Executing standard utility processes, such as inventory management and workflow control and native Deployment Automation operations
  • Executing common processes, such as downloading and uploading artifacts, and retrieving environment information
  • Interacting with a variety of tools, such as middleware tools, databases, and servers

For a reference of provided plugins, see the Deployment Automation Plugin Index on Documentation Center. For plugins written by others, check the Community website.

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