Deployment Report Overview

Deployment reports contain historical information about deployments, such as the total number executed and their average duration. On a report page you can:

  • Select from default reports or reports that you've saved with specific report criteria. When you select the report that you want to run, the selected report appears on the page.
  • Select from report filters, which vary by report type.
  • Run the report to apply your filter selections.
  • Save the report selections. Saved reports appear in the My Reports section of the selection box.
  • Export the report. The tabular data is downloaded in HTML format.
  • Print the report.
  • View a graphical or listing report, depending on the report type.
  • For graphical reports, view the report key to see the meaning of lines by color and graph point shape.
  • For graphical reports, you can hold your cursor over a graph point to see more information, or grab a point on the graph and drag to zoom in or out.

For information on each report, see the following topics: