Schedule deployments

Deployment Automation has a built-in deployment scheduling system that enables you to run deployments automatically at specified times or on a regular basis.

You can schedule deployments for applications or deployment packages into application environments.

To schedule a deployment:

  1. Navigate to Deployment > Timeline.

  2. Click Schedule and select your option:
    • Application process
    • Deployment package
  3. In the schedule dialog box that opens, follow the wizard and select the appropriate properties for the deployment.

  4. Under Schedule, set the time zone and specify the date and time for the deployment, according to the time zone.
  5. (Optional) To deploy on a regular schedule, select Recurring and then specify how often you want Deployment Automation to run the process and when to stop.

    For example, if you are practicing continuous delivery, you can choose to repeat the deployment every day.

  6. Click Submit. The process will remain pending until the scheduled time.

Scheduled deployments are displayed in the Timeline, where you can view, edit, or delete them.

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