(Windows) Server silent installation

You can install a server in silent mode instead of using the interactive installer.

To install a server in silent mode:

  1. Download the installation files.

  2. Create an options file and save as C:/optionsFile.txt. See (Windows) Server silent installation options.

  3. In Windows as a local system user, issue the command:

    cmd /c MicroFocusDA-Server.exe /s /V"/qn /L*vx "%TEMP%\silent-install.log" PROPFILE=\"c:\optionsFile.txt\" "


    • "%TEMP%\silent-install.log" is an absolute path to a log file.

    • PROPFILE=\"c:\optionsFile.txt\" is an absolute path to the options file you created in Step 2.

    • You have included the required space between the final two quotes.

For examples of the optionsFile.txt, see (Windows) Configure server silent installation in an options file.