Step 5: Create an application

Prerequisite: Step 4: Map an agent to an environment

This step explains how to create an application that will manage the helloWorld component.

Note: An application is a mechanism that brings together all the deployment components. It maps components to the relevant resources and identifies the target environments for the deployment. For details, see Managing Applications.

To create the helloWorld application:

  1. Navigate to Management > Applications.

  2. Click Create at the top right of the screen. The Create Application dialog box opens.

  3. In the Name field, enter the application's name, for example, helloWorld_app.
  4. (Optional) In the Description field, enter additional information to identify the application.
  5. In the Notification Scheme field, accept the default value (None).

    Notification schemes define when to send out notifications and who should receive them. For details, see Configuring Notification Schemes.

  6. In the Pipeline field, accept the default value ( None) to indicate that a single environment is used in this deployment.

    A pipeline is a sequence of environments that an application runs through. Each environment in a pipeline represents a stage in deploying an application. For details, see Managing Pipelines.

  7. Leave the check box next to Enforce Complete Snapshots cleared.

    Snapshots are specific states of an application in an environment. For details, see Snapshots.

  8. Click Build Out. The helloWorld application page opens where you can configure the application.

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