Permission for Users Running Agents

Each agent needs the appropriate permission to communicate with the Deployment Automation server.

  • For production environments, you should create a user account dedicated to running the agent on the machine where the agent is installed.
  • For simple evaluations, the administrative user can run the agent on the machine where the server is located.

At a minimum, the user running the agent should have permission to do the following:

  • Create a cache. By default, the cache is located in the home directory of the user running the agent. The cache can be moved or disabled.

  • Open a TCP connection. The agent uses a TCP connection to communicate with the server's JMS port.

  • Open a HTTP(S) connection. The agent must be able to connect to the Deployment Automation user interface to download artifacts from CodeStation.

  • Access the file system. Many agents need read/write permission to items on the file system.