Agent Connectivity Status Checks

Agent connectivity can be checked periodically to ensure that the status in the user interface shows the true connectivity status. The following options control aspects of the status checks. You can optionally configure these options to fine-tune your implementation.


  • Agents send regular keepalive messages to the server to keep connections open.
  • The server monitors the keepalive messages and updates agents' status accordingly.
  • Agent relays track keepalive message statistics from connected agents and send them regularly to the server.
  • Default: enabled
  • Server-initiated:

    • The server can check the status of all agent endpoints in a single call.
    • The status check can be set to recur periodically.
    • Status check requests and responses are stored in the database for analysis.
    • Cleanup of the stored data can be scheduled to recur periodically.
    • In an active-active environment, the server that initiated the status request is the one that performs the subsequent analysis.
    • Minimum supported agent version for the agent and server initiated status check: 6.1.2
    • Default: disabled
  • User-initiated:

    • In the Agent / Pools page of the user interface, when users click the Test icon (image) beside an agent, the agent status is checked and reset in the UI accordingly.
    • Connectivity is tested for response through JMS protocol and then through JMS to HTTP protocol; messages are given for each.
    • The connectivity test timeout is configurable.

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