Viewing Timelines

Timelines show overview information on the processes run and link to more detail for convenient access to information.

You can view timeline information by navigating to:

  • Deployment > Timeline: Timeline of all deployments run in the given time range for this Deployment Automation server
  • Management > Environments > (selected environment) > Timeline: Timeline of all deployments run in the given time range for each application environment based on this environment


On a timeline you can do the following:

  • Select to show deployments for applications, components, snapshots, or deployment packages. (Applications and deployment packages selections are available in environment timelines.)
  • Search for a request name; this narrows the display to just the entries including that name.
  • Filter by deployments owned by you or by everyone.
  • Click the calendar view icon to see the calendar view.
  • Click the grid view icon to view a list of processes.
  • Use the arrows to change the year, month, week, or day viewed in the calendar, depending on the period selected.
  • Select the period to show.

  • In the month and year views, click anywhere in the blank area of a block to show the list of requests for that date block in a tabular view.

    Depending on the view and selection, columns include the following:

    • Status
    • Time
    • Name (click to go to the process request page)
    • Application (click to go to the application page)
    • Component for the process (click to go to the component page)
    • Process Version
    • Environment (click to go to the application environment page)
    • Process Version
    • Deployment Owner
  • In the month view, status icons give you a quick view of the health of the processes. Point to a status icon for a quick view of information about the request. Click the icon to open the request page.
  • In the month view, icons indicate scheduled processes and global and application environment blackouts. Point to an icon for a quick view or click the icon to open the related page.

    Tip: In the tabular view, you can view, edit, and delete blackout and schedule entries.

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