Configure the agent-initiated agent status check

Keepalive messages are enabled on agents by default. These messages are used by ActiveMQ to keep the connection between an agent and a server (or relay) open. You can configure a server to respond to those messages and update agent status accordingly.

Note: Status checks for agents connected through the agent relay only work with version 6.2.2 or higher. Versions earlier than 6.2.2 cannot pass agent keepalive information to the server and are ignored.

To configure an agent-initiated status check:

  1. Navigate to the da\WEB-INF\classes directory in your web application and open the da_config.xml file. This file contains your current agent status check settings.
  2. Copy the agentStatusTracker settings from the da_config.xml file:




  3. Navigate to the DA user profile directory where the DA server configuration is stored.

    For example, ..\Users\username\.microfocus\da\conf\server.

  4. Open the da_config.xml file in the DA user profile and paste the copied agentStatusTracker settings there.

    Note: Every DA server upgrade restores the da_config.xml settings in the web application to default. That's why you need to add and configure these settings in the DA user profile directory to make them permanent.

  5. Edit the agentStatusTracking settings in the da_config.xml file. The following table provides descriptions of the settings:

    Setting Description
    enabled Turns the agent status tracker on or off.
    The default value is false.
    verificationPeriodInSec Specifies how often to initiate scheduled agent status verifications (in seconds).
    The default value is 60.
    bringingOnlineTimeoutInSec Specifies the timeout period (in seconds) to bring an agent online after it is connected. If this timeout is reached and the agent is not online, the server resends a connectivity test and waits for another timeout. This process is repeated until the agent goes online.
    The default value is 150.
    busyWhenQueueSizeIsHigherThan Specifies the maximum average number of agents in a connection queue. If there are more agents than specified, agent status checks do not run until the average number goes below the specified value.
    The default value is 20.
    busyCountPeriodInMs Specifies the number of milliseconds for the time period when the average is calculated for busyWhenQueueSizeIsHigherThen.
    The default value is 2500.
    runningUpgradeTimeoutInSec Specifies the timeout period (in seconds) to upgrade an agent. If any of the upgrade steps time out, the server takes the agent offline, or returns it online based on recent keepalive messages. The timeout restarts for every step of the upgrade, such as downloading the new JRE, restarting the agent, removing the old JRE, and collecting the logs.
    The default value is 180.
  • Example of Agent Status Tracker settings

    Here is an example of settings for agent status check options in the da_config.xml file.


Note: Agent status checks do not run when:

  • A server has more connected agents than allowed (busyWhenQueueSizeIsHigherThan).
  • When an agent actor manager or the system is busy. For details, see Configuring Server Settings.

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