Designing Application Processes

Application processes tell Deployment Automation what to do when you deploy whole applications.

You design processes using the process designer, where you drag process steps from a menu of steps onto the design space and configure them immediately. As you place additional steps, you visually define their relationships with one another.

For application processes, you select from a menu of utility steps and other steps such as installing components. These enable you to operate on sets of components associated with the application.

Here's an example of a designed application process:


Application Process Design

  • Select from a set of options for the process designer, including the following:
    • Zoom In
    • Zoom Out
    • Actual Size
    • Print
    • Poster Print
    • Save
    • Cancel
    • Show Outline Box: Use this to move the whole process design around in the design area. For example:

      • Drag its corner inward and move it over parts of the process design to zoom in.
      • Drag its corner outward again to zoom out.
    • Show Connection Options: Select this to show the options for all connections.
  • In Tools, select process steps.
  • Use the Search box to find a step by name.
  • Select and drag steps to the design area to add them to your process.
  • Connect process steps and edit or delete existing steps or connections, see Connecting Process Steps.
  • Properties are automatically shown when you select a step.

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