Integrate with SBM

Communication between SBM and Deployment Automation enables release deployment automation from SBM solutions. Integration mechanisms that enable this communication are as follows:

  • REST Grid Widgets

    You can select Deployment Automation RESTful service data and populate SBM REST Grid widgets directly from SBM Composer using Deployment Automation Composer Mode. This communication enables the creation and linking of Deployment Automation applications and environments and the access of Deployment Automation processes for automation deployment tasks.

  • User Auto-registration

    When that user accesses functionality in Deployment Automation through SBM, the SBM Single Sign-On (SSO) token sends the sign on information, and Deployment Automation extracts the credentials from the SSO token. Those credentials are used to register the user in Deployment Automation. See the SBM documentation for more details on SSO.

  • ALF Events

    ALF Events are another mechanism that can be used to integrate SBM with Deployment Automation.

    For information on ALF Events that can be emitted from Deployment Automation, see ALF Events.

For more information on integrating with SBM Solutions, see the following topics: