Adding Required Startup Parameters

The ChangeMan ZMF server must be updated with startup parameters that enable access to ALM Solutions Connector services.

These parameters are keyword options used with the SERNET started task. There are different ways of passing the parameters to SERNET. For details on setting SERNET parameters, refer to the ChangeMan ZMF documentation.

Add the parameters as follows:

  • Add the CMN=(,XXXX)parameter to the ChangeMan ZMF startup, where XXXX is the SERNET TCP/IP port used to process SERNET requests.
  • Add the SERNET NTFYURL parameter. This parameter is required for notifying your integration when an ALF event is emitted from ChangeMan ZMF, which indicates that ChangeMan ZMF has completed a requested task.

    It must be specified as follows:


    where connectorHostname is the server name where your ALM Solutions Connector services are installed and port is the port number for that server.

    Note: This parameter is case-sensitive; the non-variable text must be entered exactly as shown. Be sure to include the quotes around the variable string.

  • ChangeMan ZMF must be restarted for these changes to take effect. After the restart, verify that the CMN port has been started in the SERPRINT listing data set.